Bo ShaoChairman & Co-Founder

    Bo was born in China and won many national mathematics competitions in high school. He left China for Harvard College on a full scholarship, one of the first such scholarships granted to a student from mainland China. He studied physics and electrical engineering at Harvard, graduating summa cum laude.

    After working for the Boston Consulting Group and getting an MBA at Harvard Business School, he went back to China and started EachNet, which became the dominant consumer e-commerce company in China under his leadership and was acquired by eBay in a landmark transaction in 2003.

    At the age of 29, Bo retired, raised a family and travelled around the world for ten years. He also co-founded and was a managing partner of Matrix Partners China, which became the leading venture capital firm in China, with over $4 billion under management. He is a significant investor and board member of multiple billion-dollar companies.

    Having realized that material success doesn’t buy happiness, let alone true joy or freedom, Bo has been on a path of introspection and growth, accompanied by his wife Jenny and our Co-founder Oleg.

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