John CulbertsonChief Investment Officer

    John Culbertson leads Evolve’s Investment Strategy Unit (ISU) and serves as a member of Evolve’s Investment Committee.

    Prior to joining Evolve, John was the President and CIO of a single-family office and currently chairs their Investment Committee. He started his career as a derivatives trader for Cooper Neff and Associates which was one of the pioneers in quantitative trading in the 90’s. John became a partner there and sold the business to BNP Paribas where he then continued running various initiatives for the bank. Since that time John has been an investor with and an advisor to several family offices. He has been involved in several urban education initiatives over the years as well.

    John and his wife Donna live in Southern New Jersey and are the parents of 4 adult daughters who all live on the East Coast. John enjoys exercise and has competed in various types of long-distance races, several while trying to keep up with his daughters.

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