Baba’s Feed Project


Baba’s Feed Project was founded in May 2020 after a trip to India, cut short by COVID-19.  We began the project in response to the urgent need to serve the poorest of the poor who were faced with the economic shutdown and the inability to work and provide for their families.  With Pintu on the ground and us in New Zealand and the US, ready to help, we found ourselves to be in a perfect position, with the perfect team, to really make a difference.  And we did so in the name of Neem Karoli Baba Maharaj-ji, and by his grace. 700,000 meals later (along with shelter, water, blankets and more) we are ready to go phase 2 and increase distribution and create employment with that module. We dream to then create sustainable employment for women and widows, as well as an education program for all children who do not have access and are destined for a life of hard labor.

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